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In 2016 March Studio successfully won an invited competition to design the Kingborough Community Hub. The competition scheme remains remarkably intact from the original submission.

The core focus or our scheme; flexibility, reconfigurablility, and sustainability. A building for all - a future town square which will form the heart of a suburb which doesn’t yet exist. Kingston Park, a sprawling 11.3ha public area located on the site of the former Kingston High School site. 

The competition brief sited the building on top of the former Kingston High School Gymnasium. The building, a non-descript, almost fortified concrete and steel building designed by the Public Works Department in 1971 was charmless. Of the competition schemes, March Studio’s was the only proposal which responded to the fabric of the existing building, retaining the foundations, structure and vast concrete slab of the gymnasium, raising the roof, the 18 columns accept a cantilevering 40 x 40 metre parasol structure. 

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The new Kingborough Community Hub is designed to reflect the needs of the community and to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our vision is to weave programme, architecture and landscaping together to create a rich and vibrant community asset. It will be home to a variety of intertwined conditions and spaces; inside and outside, high and low, open and closed. The modulated structure will form walls, signage, wayfinding and fences, which can also feed into the master plan of the Kingston High School redevelopment. The new space will also serve to revitalise the local landmark qualities of the original building.

The Kingston High School Gym building has been retained, albeit flipped on its head by converting it into the new semienclosed and completely flexible town square, ready to be enjoyed by the local community. Inverting the current courtyard and enclosed gym building arrangement is in direct response to the climatic conditions of the site, the incredible views of the mountain and the proposed master plan of the Kingston High School site.

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The surrounding modular buildings have been designed to plug-in and connect directly with the new town square. The design allows for the modular buildings to be added to as the needs of the community evolve. We have provided a framework with inherent flexibility both in structure and in programme, empowering the region’s many clubs and societies to enjoy the space for their own purposes in one central location.

The material palette and proposed structure for the new community hub has been designed to celebrate the history of local industries in the Kingborough region.

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Photography by Peter Bennetts.

Photography by Peter Bennetts.